Should Poets and Spoken Word Artists Be Paid For Their Artistry?

There was a spirited debate last week about the state of the Poetry/Spoken Word Industry. I posted this question to get a ground zero perspective on the matter.

Authors, performing artists, song writers, speakers and recording artists get paid for their artistic ability and services. What about Poets and Spoken Word Artists?

Should they be paid for their artistry? Or is their talent a gift to be offered to the world?  What are your thoughts?


5 responses to “Should Poets and Spoken Word Artists Be Paid For Their Artistry?

  1. Any and every artist should be paid for their work. I find it rather disturbing that an alternative would be considered.

  2. Thank you for taking the time out to read and give an honest response to this highly debated question. I see a season of change coming to the industry. Be Peace.

  3. Why is this a question? Musicians, writers, painters, visual artists, chefs, bottle washers, candlestick makers all get paid for their labor because they do what other can’t — and so do poets.

  4. I think Poets should be paid. Singers and actors get to perform other peoples joys and pains repeatedly without ever having to show who they are. Those arts are much more forgiving. In poetry there is no room for that. Every performance you have to put your heart and soul…..your hate ….trust…love….ignorance…..and pain on the mic. A lot of people don’t even think its an art but it is and it warrants compensation. It takes true talent to make someone feel what you feel especially when all you have are words ……

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