photoshoot2The Teleidoscope Effect is an in depth peek through the looking glass of the Artist and Visioneir Kolayah KeeVan. Not only will you be getting to know me as an Artist but you will be able to get a look into how I see Art + Culture + Lifestyle + Personal Fitness and Wellness + The World.

I was born out of the belly of The Civil Rights Movement, Raised by HiP HoP and matured by THE ONE Most HIGH…” Kolayah is CEO of REDDLION Lifestyle Enterprises-Culturetainer-Performing & World Recording Artist-Dub Poet-Writer-Fitness Expert and Lifestyle Performance Coach – Wellness Advocate – VISIONEIR.

Being spoon fed by his parents and community the sounds of R & B, Jazz, Funk, Gospel, Hip-Hop and Great Literature; Culturetainer and Poet Kolayah “Kolayotunde”, was given the seeds that would forge and later on blossom him into the multidimensional sound that you move and vibe to today.

Kolayah’s musical roots were developed in his bedroom and High School guitar class. It was there he felt free to explore and learn to play the guitar and the drums and eventually step behind the microphone like his favorite Soul, Rock, Funk and Hip Hop Artists. After several years of rehearsal and playing large and small concerts for schools and community, Kolayah knew he wanted to travel the world and perform in front of large crowds. “Fat Boy’s Cover of The Beach Boys ‘Wipe Out” was the first Hip Hop song I ever performed in public.” Kolayah says with a chuckle. After high school Kolayah sold his guitar (to help pay bills) and the stage lights lowered – until some years later that familiar urge made Kolayah pick up the pen and pulled him back into the spotlight.

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