Poetry is like chocolate. Sometimes it is too sweet, sometimes too bitter, sometimes too hard, sometimes melted and sticky and irritating. Oh but when it is just right it fills your mouth fully with a sweet richness that satisfies the soul.
~Eve Kneeland

o1spic6newshSpeaking with some people on their idea of what poetry means to them, blank stares greeted me as I awaited an answer. Often when that same question is brought up, the response is a usual, “do people read or even like poetry anymore?”
Kolayah-KeeVan answers this question with a resounding yes with his latest profound and provocative collection of poetry in Only 1 Will Speak. At first glimpse you will see that this is not just your ordinary book of poetry but a look into a window of 30 years or more of this man’s life.
From the beginning the book gives you Kolayah’s deep childhood thoughts on life, takes you down a dark descent into years of struggle, questions and despairs and uplifts you with a climatic triumph of finding himself.Find your one voice as you fall in love, laugh, cry and cheer as you absorb the poetry of Only 1 Will Speak.

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